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Louisville based travel, food and adventure writer, bourbon enthusiast, and fan of the 313. Have dogs, will travel.

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Any dog can become a good dog, just ask Rosie Dane Dog Training's Tyler Ohlmann

If you’ve ever seen a pony-sized black dog sitting calmly alone on a restaurant patio in Louisville, no tie-up in sight, you probably saw Rosie. She’s holding a table for her person, Tyler Ohlmann, and she’s not moving till he gets back and tells her to.


Louisville's five must-visit restaurants in 2017

It’s an embarrassment of riches when it comes to where to eat in Louisville. Beloved institutions that have withstood the onslaught of new places are still serving up favorites while fresh names pop-up like mushrooms. Luckily we have three meals a day, seven days a week to take advantage of the abundance. Here are a few can’t-misses – old and new – for 2017.

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Louisville's must-visit restaurant list for 2016

From a micro-restaurant serving up homemade Italian to massive, multi-year reno projects at a brewery, 2015 saw a slew of new concepts join the already full roster of fabulous places to eat in Louisville. Let’s not desert our old favorites – they need us more than ever – but you know you want to check out what’s new.


"But is there gluten in it?" Diners with diet restrictions find a refuge at Mayan Cafe

And while going out to eat can be a minefield for anyone who faces dietary health concerns, the annoying trendiness of banishing certain ingredients has – in many cases – pitted kitchens against diners, with servers on the front lines of the battle