Dana McMahan

Dana McMahan

Will work for bourbon

Louisville based travel, food and adventure writer, bourbon enthusiast, and fan of the 313. Have dogs, will travel.

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Buh-Bye, Hipster: Why the Friendly Bartender Is Making a Comeback

Whatever happened to the friendly bartender?

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Check Grandma's Attic — That Vintage Bourbon Is Now Legal to Sell, and Probably Delicious - NBC News

Kentucky is home to 95 percent of the world's bourbon, but until recently, what you've see in stores and on bar shelves is limited to what's currently available

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How to Ace Your Pet Rescue Application - And Why It's So Tough ...

You begin to daydream about walks at the park, games of fetch, a dog curled up at your feet. So you go on to the rescue's website and download and complete an adoption application — only to be rejected.

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No more selfies: Travelers snap up vacation photographers 

If you think professional photographers only tail the glitterati, think again. A luxury that wouldn't have occurred to most travelers


High Seas High Tech: How the Cruise Industry Is Personalizing Your Vacation - NBC News

The cruise industry is undergoing a sea change in the way passengers experience their vacation.

First limited to pockets of niche tech advancements (think robotic bartender arms mixing drinks), there's been a shift in the mindset.

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In Nod to Female Bourbon Fans, Wild Turkey Hires Matthew McConaughey - NBC News

"He speaks to women pretty easily," he said. "Just by looking at him [you know that]."

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Champagne Shortage? Poor Harvest Puts Production Down Around ...

Rumors of a Champagne shortage have fans of the fizzy in a tizzy, as harvest reports from France's Champagne region put production down by about 70 percent due to problems including frost, gray rot, and mildew.

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Rye Whiskey, an American Original, Is No Longer on the Rocks ... NBC News

As good as gone a few years ago, rye whiskey is back in a big way.


Protein, Protein Everywhere: But Is It a Food Fad or Sensible Eating ...

As the onslaught of protein-added products crowds store shelves, a weary consumer might wonder where it will end.

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'Whiskey Shortage' Fears Overblown - NBC News

If predictions don't bear out -– and there have been hiccups -- “everyone will have made too much," Cowdery says. "We'll be swimming in the stuff.”

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Race Vacations Offer Rewards Beyond the Finish Line - NBC News

Race Vacations Offer Rewards Beyond the Finish Line...


Connected Travelers Seek Out Digital Detox on Vacation

News Travelers can instantly share their favorite vacation moments — from the most exotic thrills to the ubiquitous toes on a beach photo — via Instagram, Twitter or Facebook with friends and family back home. Of The Petrified Forest Is Real, Repenta...

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Do well-needed vacations actually bum us out? - NBC News

Spend a little time in an airport and you’ll quickly be able to tell the travelers setting out on a trip from those returning: Departing globe-trotters are the ones nearly dancing with anticipation, while those just back do a zombie shuffle on the way to airport parking.

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Permanent souvenirs make their mark - NBCNews.com

Dana McMahan, NBC News contributor – Who needs tchotchkes? Eiffel tower snow globes are passe, and with open borders, passport ink is growing harder to come by.
For an unforgettable souvenir, s...

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Craft distillers breaking into Kentucky's billion-dollar bourbon industry 

Kentucky bourbon is a billion-dollar business. The spirit generated $4.5 billion in retail sales last year, and business is booming.
Ninety-five percent of the world's spirit is d...