Dana McMahan

Dana McMahan

Will work for bourbon

Louisville based travel, food and adventure writer, bourbon enthusiast, and fan of the 313. Have dogs, will travel.

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Pacific Standard

The Secret Lives of Fixers

They may not get any credit for the final product, but good fixers are integral to television, film, and journalism produced abroad. WorldFixer.com is trying to make the best ones easier to find.

Detroit article
Pacific Standard

What Makes a City Unhappy? - Pacific Standard: The Science of Society

Dana McMahan, who splits her time between Detroit and Louisville, on what makes a city unhappy.

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Pacific Standard

Can a New Parent Remain a Good Friend? - Pacific Standard

When my friends have kids, they often disappear only to re-emerge with a new clique of fellow parents. For an old friend with no plans for children, are these relationships salvageable?