Dana McMahan

Dana McMahan

Will work for bourbon

Louisville based travel, food and adventure writer, bourbon enthusiast, and fan of the 313. Have dogs, will travel.

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Cooking My Catch — Afloat in Alaska

“Why didn't anyone tell me this is what fishing is like?” I demanded of nobody in particular. Our boat drifted around under Alaska's late summer sky, new friends and I swapped stories about everything and nothing, we grabbed up binoculars whenever one of us spotted a whale making its ponderously elegant way through the water, we snacked on crackers and smoked salmon, we drank some good and then some cheap beer, and, oh yeah, we caught some fish.

Macaron tattoo promo article
The Daily Meal

You Know You're Obsessed with Your Favorite Food When…

… you ink it onto your body. Contributor Dana McMahan's macaron madness drove her to seek out an indelible reminder of Paris and her favorite treat

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Why You Shouldn't Be a Street-Food Snob in Bangkok | The Daily ...

A fan of street food who turned her nose up at real restaurants in Bangkok learns what she's been missing

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7 Delicious Reasons to Go See a Lions Game in Detroit

"Food people don't think about football, do they?" ...

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Woodford Reserve’s Bourbon Academy: Back to School, Bourbon Style

The only thing better than being a budding bourbon ...

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5 Bites of Orlando, Florida | The Daily Meal

Eating out in Orlando is no longer what you might expect

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Coca-Cola® & Potato Chips Cupcakes from Four Rivers Barbecue

For a sweet and savory dessert, try these cupcakes from Four Rivers Barbeque. Using store-bought ingredients, these instructions are simple and easy to follow.  ......

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Dining Aboard the \'Royal Princess\': This Is Not Your Mother\'s Cruise Food

Our contributor steps aboard the \'Royal Princess,\' and sees cruise food in a new light...

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Drink of the Day: The Experiment at Lebua\'s Breeze, Bangkok

Be your own mixologist (or is it scientist?) at restaurant Breeze in Bangkok...

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Food of the Day: Chicken & Syrup Slider at Green Dot Stables

The perfect bite of chicken and waffles — crunchy, juicy, sticky, and sweet...

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Food of the Day: Pa amb Xocolata i Oli d\'Oliva

A simple, yet irresistible dessert...