Dana McMahan

Dana McMahan

Will work for bourbon

Louisville based travel, food and adventure writer, bourbon enthusiast, and fan of the 313. Have dogs, will travel.

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Bourbon scarcity has liquor stores and bars up in arms

Pouring the first shot in what could be the Great Bourbon Rebellion of 2014, on Thursday night he served Pappy Van Winkle 15 Year in Jell-O shot form

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Is Scottish food the next big thing? Try these 'Outlander'-inspired ...

Some Scottish dishes aren't for the faint of heart (ever tried haggis?), but Scotland's traditional cuisine is having a moment as fans of the "Outlander" novels and new Starz series take to their kitchens to cook along with the show.


Man eats 100 Olive Garden meals in 6 weeks with $100 'pasta pass ...

A North Carolina pastor is taking his Olive Garden's “Never Ending” Pasta Pass literally. Alan Martin has eaten at Olive Garden twice a day, every day, for the past 6 weeks, and has only spent $100 to do it.

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'Old Country': Scotland Stars in New 'Outlander' TV Series - NBC News

“[The tourism board] told me they should be paying me a bounty,” says Diana Gabaldon, author of the series, which now encompasses eight books plus a companion and several novella offshoots. “But Scotland can speak for itself.”

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Why people in Louisiana are so happy (and how you can be too) - Travel - TODAY.com

If you're happy and you know it, you probably live in Louisiana.

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Best Louisville dining bets for the Kentucky Derby - Food - TODAY.com

Best Louisville dining bets for the Kentucky Derby ...

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Derby drinks: 4 bourbon cocktails beyond the mint julep

Mint juleps and the Kentucky Derby are synonymous. The sweetened mint and whiskey concoction “has been the track drink since the very beginning,”

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Quadriplegic man, partner riding 10,000 miles to Patagonia

When he's on the road, no one notices his wheelchair.

Maybe that's because they only see Seth McBride's handcycle.

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Parlez-vous polite? | NBC

As the saying goes, Paris would be great, if it weren't for the French. Now, in an effort to improve tourism in a down economy, the city is distributing pamphl...


Dollywood to get $300 million upgrade - TODAY.com

Dollywood is supersizing.


5 ways to experience the Oscars through travel - TODAY.com

If you've ever left a movie dreaming of your next travel destination, you're not alone.


Travel writer Paul Theroux's final trip to Africa - TODAY.com

At 72, his drive to discover endures. “We have a notion that the world is accessible [from the internet] but it's not,” he said. “You have to … get out into the world and take a risk and see what it's like. The reality is scary sometimes … but you need to be frightened.” Theroux seeks out that scary reality.

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Reality TV show 'Guntucky' puts family-run gun range on the map | NBCNews

The Sumner clan is getting a national boost thanks to "Guntucky," a new reality show on CMT, but the stars of the family-run Knob Creek...

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Space jumper Felix Baumgartner named NatGeo's people's choice 'adventurer of the year' | Today.com

Red Bull Content Pool
Pilot Felix Baumgartner of Austria seen during the first manned flight for the Red Bull Stratos mission.
The free fall from 25 miles above the Earth was rife with risks. Temperat...

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Empty nesters travel destinations - TODAY.com

Forget weepy goodbyes. Parents are dropping their kids off at school and waving a cheerful goodbye as they head out on their own......