Dana McMahan

Dana McMahan

Will work for bourbon

Louisville based travel, food and adventure writer, bourbon enthusiast, and fan of the 313. Have dogs, will travel.

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Review: Don't Resist Decca

I resisted going to Decca. Yes, I heard all the swooning, but I wasn't buying it. I blame my stubborn Kentuckian side. We have plenty of good chefs. Plenty! We don't need somebody to come in from Cali...

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How Prohibition Changed the Cocktail

Nov 29, 2012 ... The Opera is a classic cocktail from the 1920s served at St. Charles Exchange. Dana McMahan WFPL News. It's hard to believe there was a ......

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Unbound Thanks You

Brian Walker Carolyn Yetter Carson D Goodwin Jr. Chele Zehnder Christy George Cindy Shepherd Dan Vonderheide Dana Bowling McMahan. Dana L. Duncan...

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Women Breaking Down Hogs, Beef and the 'Old Boy Network' in Kentucky Butchering Camps

Mar 21, 2013 ... By Dana McMahan. Meet your meat: the pigs on Napoleon Ridge Farm. Tricia Houston Napoleon Ridge Farm. Single-sex education is a ......